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Welcome to the ministry hub

Evangel has countless opporuntites to serve and be served by these impactful ministries. Click on them below to learn more!


The Men’s Ministry offers the opportunity for men to grow spiritually and in fellowship with each other. Click here to learn more!


Our food pantry provides groceries weekly to approximately 90+ families. Click here to learn more!

Promotion Sunday School Kids Graduation - Blank.jpg

Evangel is proud to host a wide variety of classes for kids of all ages. Click here to learn more!


The Women’s Ministries provides an environment where women can develop their full potential to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and in fellowship with God. Click here to learn more


Evangel is home to both a youth group and young adults facilitating over 40+ combined in attendance. Click here to learn more! 


Our missions team has reached thousands of people both locally and internationally; including Long Island, West Virginia, Texas, Belize, Guatemala, Haiti, and Kenya.

Click here to learn more and become involved!


Evangel host various bible classes and times of prayer throughout the month. Click here to learn more!


Evangel is blessed with a multitalented ministry filled with prophetic worshipers, skilled dancers, and intuitive media team. 

Click here to learn more!


The evangelism and outreach ministry is a face-to-face ministry, focused on serving the community and surrounding state bringing the gospel of Jesus to everyone.

Click here to learn more and become involved!

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